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Nicole Sykes

The cocktail scene here is great, says Nicole Sykes, the general manager at London's Satan's Whiskers. There are great cocktail bars in every neighbourhood

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Mattia Pastori

I've met exceptional people through bartending, says Mattia Pastori, the bartender behind Italy-based consultancy company Nonsolococktails.

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Andy Keir

We're kind of the grandfather bar of Dundee in terms of we were the first ones there and we're still going, says Andy Keir, owner of Bruach, a cocktail

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Claudia Newman

I'm German and grew up in the former east part of it, says Claudia Newman, a bartender at London's The Library Bar at The Ned. I have always been interested

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Vnay Lad

“I’ve always been a fan of cooking and baking” says Vnay Lad, the bar manager at Livin’Italy Dough House and the creator of Bartender Bake, an

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Tiffanie Barriere

“A friend I worked with said that every time I took an order, or placed the cocktail down, or even a glass of wine or beer, I always gave three fun facts,”

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Greg Almeida

Greg Almeida, a leading light in the flat structure of Alex Kratena and Monica Berg’s Tayēr + Elementary, perhaps 2019’s most anticipated bar opening,

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Sam Boevey

“My attention span is not incredible, so it’s very, very refreshing to be doing something different almost every day,” says Sam Boevey, the group

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Shannon Ponche

It was coming out as LGBT that led Shannon Ponche, now head bartender of Brooklyn’s pan-Latin cocktail bar Leyenda, into the bartending world. She was

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Kaitlyn Stewart

Kaitlyn Stewart, bar manager at Vancouver farm-to-table restaurant Royal Dinette and 2017 World Class bartender of the year, grew up in hospitality –

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Harry Craddock

The Savoy's most famous bartender, and the name behind the Savoy Cocktail Book, Harry Craddock, AKA the dean of cocktail shakers, was the third Head Bartender

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Fraser Campbell

Fraser Campbell is the Global Brand Ambassador for Dewar’s Whisky. Growing up in Scotland, Fraser landed his first job at a local pub. It was here he

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Joe Schofield

“When you get recognition from your peers it is incredibly humbling,” says Joe Schofield, the award-winning bartender rising to the top. Since his

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Joe Gilmore

Joe Gilmore, the former head barman of The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel, sadly passed away just before Christmas 2015 at the age of 93. We were lucky

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Ian McLaren

Veteran brand advocate Ian McLaren first caught the cocktail bug in a little wine shop in mid-90s Edinburgh. “There was a guy working there called Charles

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Andy Shannon

Falmouth, a pretty Cornish seaside town with a population of barely 20,000, might seem an odd place to start a cocktail bartending career. And, despite

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Charlotte Coyle

Charlotte Coyle is the Woodford Reserve UK Brand Ambassador for the North. Charlotte’s passion for bartending grew when she started working as a bar

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Carl Anthony Brown

Carl Anthony Brown is the Woodford Reserve UK Brand Ambassador for London and the South. Carl began working in the drinks industry in 2005. Following

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Paul Mathew

“When I was growing up, my father wrote definitive works on iris and crocus,” recalls Paul Mathew, creator of Everleaf, the non-alcoholic bittersweet

Difford's Manifesto image

Difford's Manifesto

Some very unlikely candidates have won political office – despite dubious economics, ridiculous hairstyles and reckless campaigning. It seems the electorate